Letting you go

Long time no see, you got prettier
Your brightly smiling face, my heart hurts
I have so much to say, but I bury them inside my heart
Because I have to let you go..

When you wake me up, when you cook for me
When you sometimes wait for me secretly
And jump out at me
When we kiss, when we first met
All of these do not let me forget you

It has to be you, I can't live without you
I try to fight it off, I try to push you away, but I can't
because I love you, because I love you
because you have all my heart

When I wake up alone, I remember you
When I eat alone, I miss you
Sometimes living is too much
When I want to lean on someone
When I dream about you, I want to hug you
When I see someone like you
These moments make me miss you more

When we're born again, when we meet again
Let's notice each other sooner
Let's never say good bye
I as you man, and you as my girl
Let's live like that forever
It has to be me, you can't live without me
I know your heart better than anyone else
But I'll let you go
because I love you, because I have to
because you have all my heart

I hate to let you go,thats what my heart says
But I have to let you go

Letting you go, FT Island

Hong ki's voice daebak!!

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