I choose you Part 1.

Without knowing.. I choose you.

Buy me even cheap couple ring. I don't mind as long its from you... :)

And I really happy everytime u try to show off our couple ring to others. And show me that u always wear it even when u working...

I'll buy you my favourite books, to share my interest with you.. :)

And... You buy me a guitar,
Teach me how to play and I'll sing you a song... :)
I  want to face my fear with you. 
We fight, but u always make me win. You pretend u lose the game. :)

I want to do this kind of stupid thing with you. We both write our love note and keep the memories until we grow old.. :) So, everytime u come to our favourite place, you'll remember me.. 

To be continue...............


Hamir Rahman said...

blogwalking disini.
jemput join segment ringkas amer ni
warming up dulu sebelum buat next GA and segment.


Shakira Pathi said...

Sweetnye :D

nyna amani said...

Hee.. Sweet kan..