Dear stalker,

I know u hate me. Tahu sangat marah. Tahu sangat sakit hati. I'm sorry. I don't know how to explain. I'm scared if I will make it worst. But trust me, he love you with all his heart.

Ya, I admit it we both make mistake, but it doesnt mean we do it on purpose. We both don't wanna hurt you more. That's why we make it as secret. Trust me, there's nothing more than that between us.

Forgive him and forgive me. It hurt to see him suffer. He keep saying that he's okey buat I know he's not. He  just don't want me to feel guilty.

I don't want to be third party because, for real, we are just two person that care to each other. I'll do anything to make him happy, and to make you satisfied.. I promise. Anything.

You can delete me, block me, hate me or anything if it could make you better. But for me, I'll never hate you, never delete you because, I respect you because you are someone yang dia sangat sayang.

You can put the blame on me.

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