It hard to admit that I miss you damn much. You are not my boyfriend, not even my 'darah daging', you just someone that I care so much. My lil bro yang tak sedarah.

After a long time, we met again.

You tease me, I got angry then we both laughing.
And you know what, I never tell you this ; I love your voice. I'm your fan. Dan aku paling suka bila kau nyanyi lagu 'Bukan Cinta Biasa -Afghan' tu. You make my tears drop. Hess.
I feel calm when you sing..

I love when you sing to me before sleep. Such a good lullaby. :)

Thanks for everything. Thanks jadi kawan paling baik dalam dunia. Thanks untuk segala galanya.

It hard to let you go.
To let go from your hug.
I miss you so much. Much and much.
Nak nangis lagi..............

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