Love Letter

Are you doing well?
Aren't you sick?
I worry about you without me.
I hope that you eat well even if you are busy,
bundle up when it's cold
and live strongly without crying.

One day in 2009,
I held a pen thinking about you
wondering who you would call to walk you home at night?
I write a letter that cannot be sent to you.
I worry again today
if you are eating well.
I write a letter that cannot be sent to you.
I can about you
I think about you
Even though I know I shouldn't do this,
I'm thinking only about you again today.
I worry about you all day.
I write about my heart that cannot reach you.

I worry too much, don't I?
I'm talking too much, aren't I?
I'm only telling you things like a habit.
I keep seeing your tears
and so everyday is difficult.
Why didn't I realize how precious you are back then?
Why was I numb when love was coming to me,
but missing it now after it's gone?
I didn't know when you are right beside me.
Because I was a foolish man,
Because I was a stupid man.
I realized after you left.

I gave you hard time, didn't I?
I'm so sorry.
I'll let you go now.
Please meet someone good
and be happy.

I believe that you'll do fine just as I know you will.
I don't want to stain your smiling picture with my tears
so today,
I keep on smiling.

FT Triple
Love Letter

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