crazy little thing called love

Monday, I'm waitingTuesday, I'm still waiting to seesee, see if you are fine.Wednesday, you are still not here neither in the morning, nor later. Thursday is also empty. Friday, Saturday or Sunday ..None of the day that I don't miss you. none of the day that you will come back to be in our old days
The day I met you.The day that I was close to you.The day that we held hand.The day that I love you.The day that I spoke to you.The day that you listened to me.How long it will be like this? i don't know. How many months or years?How many billions of our past memories?I never don't miss you.

I'm falling in love with this drama! Cerita Thailand. Dah lama dah, tapi aku baru tengok. Siapa yang ketinggalan macam aku jugak, aku suggestkan korang tengok cite ni.. Best sangat-sangat!

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