Love is..

I'm walking all over the place
For some reason I am feeling excited
I keep looking in the mirror and touching my hair
I am really weird

My busy days feel like a picnic
Whenever you hug me
For a moment I forget it all
And it's like I enter another world

Even your bright personality and you bold words
You're so special..
Through you it's all good,you make me smile
My heart that was closed by the scars
smiles as it looks at you

I'm starting to resemble you, I smile as you do
I want to always be a good person for you

Sometimes I feel scared
That I might give you scars like mine
My feelings are moving too fast and I still lack much
But please wait for me..

Even my immature ideas and my wronged heart
I'll try to make them match you
Through you it's all good,
you make me smile..

Tears feel like coming, I think I understand love
My heart goes in front of my footsteps
I'm going towards you..
Wait just a little, wait for me.
Little by little, step by step
I'm becoming someone good...

-Love is,4men-

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