What a Fool

I can’t live without you- what a fool I am
You are living inside of my memories
Where am I standing right now?
What am I looking for in this strange place?
Just when I get used to it, you are not by my side
* Listen to my love, to my sad song
I can live with just the memories of when we used to be together
I can’t leave your side and day by day I am withering
What a fool, what a fool, what a fool I am
Like a lie, sometimes I completely forget you and smile
Convincing myself that I have to, that nothing ever happened
Do you know- do you already know-
That the sparkling tears under the eye-blinding sky,
Were a promise that could not be kept?
The unfinished love is crying
It’s alright- it will become better now
As I comfort myself
Now, goodbye

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