Can I Love you?

The door is opening and you come in
I knew at first sight that you were mine
As you come toward me
You're so beautiful it can make me blind.
I don't know why but it's not strange
But my heart is fluttering
You took all my heart.
I want to tell you carefully
I want to be brave
Can I love you from today?
It's the first time
I don;t want to lose this feeling
I think love is going to come
I'll only give you good things
I endured a lot of good byes and tears
So,it's a little late, but I think I finally met you
Can i love this person that's sitting in front of me
I'll confess to you with my founding heart
Can I love you from today..?

by Yurisangja.

I give you  my favorite song as my answer.
Hope you can understand.

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